Go To Festival Footwear

Go To Festival Footwear Festival season is coming up and it’s time to over think your wardrobe. Depending on the weather, or the country, festival footwear can be a little bit of a brain ache. Festivals in the UK are known for rain, mud and all-around mess. So, think logically, and spend wisely. If the […]

Men’s Summer Shoes

Men’s Summer Shoes Guide Loafers Loafers, inspired by the shoes of Norwegian fisherman, a staple in our men’s Summer shoe guide.  he loafer first became popular back in 1936 and has since become a wardrobe essential. The loafer is the ideal footwear for relaxed, summer workwear. Wear sockless with chinos, suit trousers and also shorts. […]

Kings Bootmakers

Kings Bootmakers The iconic Chelsea boots brought to you by Kings Bootmakers and The Chelsea Boot Store. The Kings Chelsea boots, expertly designed and handcrafted footwear. With years of know-how, tradition and experience of shoemaking going into the making of these boots. Made in a perfect blend of soft, supple leather and suedes with strong […]

Guide to Foot Care

This is our guide to foot care, with tips on looking after your feet from the College of Podiatry. This will help keep your feet in good condition and help prevent problems. A podiatrist can help if you have a foot care problem such as unexplained foot pain. It’s very important to have your feet […]

Goodwin Smith Men’s Boots

Goodwin Smith Men’s Boots This is our guide to the fantastic Goodwin Smith men’s boots collection for this season. A must-have addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe, the boot can be paired with almost any outfit. Whether formal or informal occasions, a good stylish boot will not let you down. Loved by cowboys, soldiers and rock stars alike, […]