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Why Evercreatures Wellington’s should be your choice this winter. While the British weather can be difficult to predict at the best of times. One thing we can be sure of as we approach Haloween is a few months of cold, rain, and mud. That’s right. It’s Wellington boot season! We stock a range of boots at our Stratford Upon Avon store as well as online (wellies and others!). But for this blog, we want to turn the spotlight to Evercreatures wellington’s and explore the reasons why they should be at the top of your boot buying shopping list.

Evercreatures wellingtons – 100% waterproof (guaranteed)

It goes without saying that you buy and wear wellies to keep your feet warm and dry during the cold and wet weather. Evercreatures certainly do that, and they put it to the test!

Every wellington boot made is put through a quality control process by Henry including 100,00 stress steps and other post-production checks by Henry, their quality control manager.

Of course, comfort is a factor too. So, you’ll be delighted to hear that Evercreatures wellies keep you and your feet super comfy too. With a unique sole unit, flexible footbed and adjustable gusset, these might just be the most comfortable pair of wellington boots you’ve ever owned.

Evercreatures are so confident that you’ll find their wellingtons to be comfy, cosy and completely waterproof that they come with a 12-month warranty.

Fab and funky welly boot designs

Wellingtons aren’t known for being fashionable footwear but Evercreatures are on a clear mission to change that. With some fantastically funky designs within their range. Even their simple block colour wellies are fun, like their purple tall wellingtons with blue trim.

From flowers to rainbows, stripes and bold colour design; you’ll find the perfect design to match your personality from the Evercreatures range here at The Chelsea Boot Store. You’ll also be happy to hear, you can choose from the traditional tall wellington boots, opt for the ankle size or even slip into some clogs.

Evercreatures wellingtons are the ethical choice

Synthetic rubber, made through the oil refining process has contributed quite significantly to climate change over the years. While natural rubber reserves were over-harvested (America used over half the world’s natural rubber by the 1930s).

That’s why Evercreatures uses sustainable, natural rubber from plantations that never harvest more than they grow. Not only are their wellingtons eco-friendly but all of the packaging is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable too.

Aside from their glowing eco-friendly credentials, you’ll be pleased to hear that Evercreatures really do take pride in being an ethical British company. All of their wellington boots are vegan friendly too.

They’re perfect for the summer

We all know that rain and mud happen at any time in Britain (there’s just a lot more of it in winter!) which is why the bright and colourful Evercreatures designs make their wellington boots an ideal choice for summer too.

Whether you’re a frequent festival-goer, enjoy country pursuits in your downtime or simply spend a lot of time mucking out while caring for your horses. A comfy pair of wellingtons from Evercreatures is just what you need to put the sparkle back into summer.

Take a look at our full collection of Evercreatures Wellington’s here.

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