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The iconic Chelsea boots brought to you by Kings Bootmakers and The Chelsea Boot Store. The Kings Chelsea boots, expertly designed and handcrafted footwear. With years of know-how, tradition and experience of shoemaking going into the making of these boots. Made in a perfect blend of soft, supple leather and suedes with strong soles and Goodyear welted. All of this comes together to make some of the finest boots available. Years of tradition as well as experience of making high quality, luxury shoes and boots have been combined in the making of these beautiful Chelsea boots.


With a heritage dating back to 1857 when shoemaker to Queen Victoria, J.Sparkes-Hall first produced the Chelsea boot, all the way through the decades including the 60s when the Beatles and Rolling Stones, to name a few adopted the versatile Chelsea boot as their go-to footwear. The Chelsea boot, named after the iconic area in London where the “Chelsea set” of the Kings Road became known. A group of young Artist’s, Film Directors and Socialists started frequenting the Kings Road area of London. Named “The Chelsea Set” by the media, they made the name ‘Chelsea’ synonymous with a new way of living and dressing. This played such an important part of defining a culture.

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Today there are many modern versions of this classic as well as versatile boot. But few can boast such tradition, history and heritage as the Kings. The Kings Chelsea boots, made from a passion to be one of the best and most comfortable boots available.

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