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Caprice Shoes

Caprice Shoes

Our selection of Caprice women’s shoes may be a bit petite at the moment, but it is full of style and elegance. You can view our Caprice collection online and instore at our new shop in Stratford upon Avon. Designed and styled to offer ultimate comfort. With stylish colourful designs of women’s shoes, boots and trainers. Innovative technology in Caprice shoes makes them super light as well as easy to wear. With the ‘onAIR’ insoles and ‘onAIR Antishokk’ heel suspension.

The insole provides shock absorption whilst regulating temperature with special air bubbles. The heel suspension offers further cushioning to impact shock, providing support and relieving pressure. With fashionable Chelsea boots, lace-ups and flats, our collection has shoes to suit many occasions. And all made with soft luxury leather. This gives you plenty of freedom to add some of this fantastic footwear to your wardrobe, whether you need some stylish boots for the winter months or some fancy sandals you can wear to formal events in the warmer weather. So for Caprice in Stratford upon Avon, look no further.

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