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Harold Boot Company Women’s Boots

Harold Boots Company women’s boots, an Australian Company manufacturing quality, durable and stylish footwear since the late 1890s. Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship coupled with a uniquely durable as well as tough construction. A good looking boot that feels comfortable and is hard-wearing. Made using the fairstitch welt construction. This is an exceptionally strong form of footwear construction. It is also known as a stitch and sewn construction. The upper leather is cement lasted around the leather insole.

The Carbon fibre shank is then glued in and the bottom is cork filled. The leather midsole is then glued and Blake stitched through the upper and insole. The sole is then glued to the bottom of the boot and the outsole stitched. We then also brass wire screw the sole through the sole, midsole, upper to the insole. This gives an extra-strong sandwiching effect to strengthen the boot. The heel is then glued and screw nailed to the boot. This construction is so strong and comfortable that Ian Harold boots have a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing fault.