Brands at The Chelsea Boot Store

The Chelsea Boot Store brands page. With shoe brands for women and men. For a detailed look at the brands of ladies’ shoes, boots, sandals and socks as well as men’s footwear, socks and underwear we stock.


Blundstone women’s and men’s boots from Australia online and in-store at our Stratford upon Avon store. Making some of the toughest as well as most comfortable boots for work and play. With all the style and durability you have come to expect from this tough no-nonsense Australian brand. Still holding the same values of go anywhere, do anything but looking good doing it! These boots will become one of your favourites. You can be sure that your new boots have been tested to destruction to make sure you have the best boots available and always made using the best materials. Your new boots will give you comfort as well as protection and performance to match the great fit and value for money.


Chatham marine shoe brand, online and in-store at our new shop in Stratford upon Avon. With quality Deck shoes, Brogues, Chelsea boots, and Country boots. For the past 25 years, Chatham marine shoes have combined quality and durability with a marine influence. These combined form the solid base on which the brand is built. Our stylish deck shoes in lace-up or slip-on styles, are perfect for any casual look. Our country footwear collection with Chelsea boots, brogues and walking boots is served in a very British style.

All the Chatham marine shoes and boots combine traditional craftsmanship with quality materials. With added style and comfort from stylish and traditional designs for all that the seasons throw at you. All footwear is designed to be comfortable as well as functional, whilst always being able to withstand all nature can throw at it. Now growing into one of Britain’s key lifestyle brands and also boasting the new 100% made in Britain G2 range.


Dasco shoe care and Accessories offers a fine selection of quality footwear products and accessories. Respected both in the UK and worldwide, and always with a modern approach to shoe and boot care. With a reputation for producing top-quality products and accessories from their factory based in Northamptonshire, England. The traditional British home of high-quality boot and shoe manufacturing, so high-quality products are guaranteed every time. This is why we have chosen Dasco products, because of tradition and high quality.


Since 1891 Glenmuir has made quality socks and Golfing apparel. Our collection of Glenmuir socks has something for everyone, with Bamboo also now available. We have colourful stripes and spotty socks for those wanting to make a statement. The understated but high-quality plain socks in a variety of colours. The classic Argyle print socks in different colours. We have a variety of materials as well, with collections of Cotton and Bamboo socks. The traditional cotton sock is comfortable and durable. The Bamboo socks have antibacterial qualities and are odour resisting. Bamboo fibres naturally wick moisture and draw it away from your skin, keeping your feet fresher.


Founded in 1815 as manufacturers of knitted hosiery, Pringle socks come steeped in history. With royalty and A-list celebrities among the wearers of these stylish socks. Our collection has a variety of socks in different colours, styles and designs. With the classic Argyle pattern to colourful stripey and spotty designs. There are also more traditional plain socks in a variety of colours. As a standard for quality, this traditional brand has introduced different modern materials including Bamboo. Our selection includes Cotton and Bamboo socks. The Bamboo socks naturally wick moisture as well as having antibacterial and odour-resisting properties, helping to keep your feet fresh all day.

Orca Bay

Our collection of Orca Bay offers men’s shoes, boots and sandals for every season. Launched in 2007 with the simple aim to create really beautiful shoes made to a high standard. Footwear that provides style as well as comfort for discerning men and women all year round. With only the highest standard of leathers and materials sourced and used from around the world.  Highly skilled craftsmen meticulously cut and sew each pair by hand. Giving a beautiful finished product. With a passion for exquisite design as well as traditional craftsmanship, these fantastic shoes are ideal whatever the weather.

Harold Boot Company

Harold Boots Company stockists, Ian Harold boots brand for men and women, an Australian Company manufacturing quality, durable and stylish footwear since the late 1890s. Using only the finest materials and craftsmanship coupled with a uniquely durable as well as tough construction. A good looking boot that feels comfortable and is hard-wearing. Made using the fairstitch welt construction. This is an exceptionally strong form of footwear construction. Also known as a stitch and sewn construction. The upper leather is cement lasted around the leather insole. The Carbon fibre shank is then glued in and the bottom is cork filled. The leather midsole is glued and Blake stitched through the upper and insole. The sole is then glued to the bottom of the boot and the outsole stitched. We then also brass wire screw the sole through the sole, midsole, and upper to the insole. This gives an extra-strong sandwiching effect to strengthen the boot. The heel is then glued and screw nailed to the boot. This construction is so strong and comfortable that Ian Harold boots have a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing fault.