Things To Do #1 Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm

Things To Do #1

Things To Do #1 – Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm

On your visit to us why not take in some of the beautiful places to visit and enjoy such as the Stratford Butterfly Farm. In our things to do #1 guide, we take a look at this beautiful attraction in Stratford upon Avon. We all need to go on shopping trips. But why not turn those into day trips? Do something interesting while on your visit to The Chelsea Boot Store. Situated on the edge of the historic market town of Stanford upon Avon. There you will find a delightful natural place to visit named Butterfly Farm. Stratford upon Avon Butterfly Farm is the UK’s largest tropical butterfly paradise. Whether it’s a sunny or rainy day, it will give heavenly pleasure.

The most incredible thing is seeing hundreds of the world’s most fairy butterflies winging in a magnificent tropical blossom. You can also enjoy the fascinating natural scenery of the splashing waterfalls and pools. Which have an abundance of colourful fish of different types. On the doorstep, you will find an ancient Maya site of Lubaantun, which means to ‘place of the fallen stones.’ The farm gets its name from it. Most of the beautiful butterflies at Stratford Butterfly Farm are supplied by the Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm in the Maya Mountains of Belize. The Fallen Stones Butterfly Farmworkers are like the ongoing Maya representing the ancient Maya who once lived here. The sculpture of Maya & Mesoamerican will remind you about the great Maya civilization and their culture.

Furthermore, you will be able to keep yourself, family and groups entertained with special events hosted by the Butterfly Farm. With enormous types of spiders and an assortment of creepy crawlies like predatory beetles, hairy scorpions, and inhabitants in Minibeast Metropolis. There are also three Dying Poison Arrow Frogs are together to show you the best possible view of biodiversity.

There is also an education centre to find out more about where butterflies come from, the story of the butterfly farm and its links to the rainforests in Belize and the ancient Maya civilisation. Whilst there, why not visit the nature-inspired gift shop for you to get a wide range of colourful nature-inspired presents for all ages. You don’t have to worry if you need something to eat or drink as they have a nice, clean cafe. Its old fashioned structure will bring you a vintage look.

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