Wellington's Need To Know

Wellington’s – Need To Know


A short guide to Wellingtons and what you need to know. Wellington boots, waterproof boots worn for casual outdoor activities as well as working such as walking the dog, farming and short walks. They are commonly worn on muddy or wet ground and also in rainy or snowy conditions. They keep your feet warm, clean and dry even when you are busy enjoying the outdoors, and are perfect for wet weather. Wellies can be a little trickier to blend into your daily style but do come in many different variations. Wellington boots usually come below the knees, but there are ankle variables that are also available. High knees Wellingtons are more popular. They offer more excellent protection against water and mud splash and also provide a snug fit.

You can style Wellies with jeans, a skirt and even tights. If you are wearing straight or boot-cut jeans, ensure that they fall around the height of your ankle. If you are tucking your jeans in the welly to keep your legs clean, fold at the ankle to bring the bottom hem up your calf. Folding your jeans can prevent them from rolling up inside. Putting thick socks over your tights keeps your foot warm and protected from blistering and rubbing.

The sizes of Wellington boots are the same as your regular footwear. If you plan to wear several pairs of thick socks for extra warmth, get one size up so that your wellies fit you better. Wellies should also be loose enough to accommodate thick socks, not pinching any part of your legs or feet. Choosing the right wellies depends on what you want to use them for or the areas they are going to serve you. If for instance, you are going on a walk in the countryside, it will be better to get the boot with a little more grips on the sole. If you are going to a summer festival, some patterned and brightly coloured Wellingtons will be a better option as well as a stylish addition to your look.


  • When cleaning your wellies, clean the outside using a rag soaked in hot soapy water. Do not put the wellies in a tumble dryer or a washing machine
  • Use a soft-bristled scrubbing brush to remove any mud when cleaning the sole.
  • Dip a clean rag into soapy water with laundry liquid. Run it over for a few minutes and dip the rag in clean soapy water to rinse the wellies

It’s best to try to dry your wellies when you have finished wearing them. An effective way of soaking up moisture is to stuff old newspaper inside them. Never dry them by putting them directly in the sun. Doing this can cause the colour to fade and also damage the rubber. Wellington is a fantastic footwear staple for everyone. If you have a muddy walk or when unexpected snow comes around, they are more like a Godsend. They come in different colours, patterns, styles and designs to suit your needs.

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