Why You Need A Boot Buddy

Why you need a Boot Buddy


What is the Boot Buddy?

I was asking myself the very same question a few days ago, however now I am fully aware of how great it is and why I need to get one. And why you need to get one too.

Imagined by 11-year-old Arminder Singh Dhillon, who was frustrated by his mother’s complaints of muddy footprints after football and how long it took to clean his shoes. He blew everyone away by braving the Dragon’s Den at aged 15 with his idea. He impressed them by showing off his unique creation, the Boot Buddy.

Walking to work or through the forest will always get muck on your shoes and you’re going to need to scrub them. I will say again that pretty much everyone needs one. Your shoes will always become dirty and the Boot Buddy will make cleaning much easier.

We have all been there.

Boot Buddy

Recently with some coincidence, I have found myself doing a lot of outdoor walking and finding the sides and back of my shoes always covered in dense mud. Feebly using tissue paper to wipe off the thick muck. It just turns into a tragedy very quickly unless you have wet wipes but still lacks efficiency. A sponge can help. And of course, using various tools to clean out the mud that is stuck in the tight nooks and crannies of the shoes.

I have just found it a nightmare cleaning them. There are many methods to remove the dense mud but Boot Buddy’s convenience is just strikingly convincing for me. The Boot Buddy just solves all that hassle. It simply scythes through hard muck and effortlessly cleans mud-caked shoes.

The Boot Buddy is small, highly portable and very easy to take along with you when you go outdoors. It holds up to 300ml of water for convenience and has an ergonomic shape making it easy to grip. You simply fill it up with water and take it along with you when you head out.

It has a brush with strong bristles to get through tough muck as well as giving a good deep clean of your shoes or boots. The Boot Buddy has a scraper to get the tough pieces of mud off. All this combined makes it a very convenient shoe cleaner we all need. Boot Buddy can clean dirty shoes quickly. Taking only a few minutes to get boots sparkling again. This would take much more time without the Boot Buddy.

The Boot Buddy is a cheap as well as simply ingenious, convenient little utility. I am outside often enough where my shoes are turning into an inconvenience when coming home. If you are somebody who is outdoors constantly and is regularly bringing home muddy shoes. This is simply a no-brainer.

It’s designed to clean shoes and does it very, very well.

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