Blundstone Originals V Classics Comparison

Blundstone Original V Classics Comparison

Blundstone Original V Classic Compared

Blundstone Originals vs Classics

Designed in the 1960s the Originals Series epitomises everything that is Blundstone. Since its inception more than 50 years ago, the design of our original #500 elastic-sided Chelsea boot has remained virtually unchanged, a testament to the craftsmanship and longevity of the Blundstone brand. The sole has evolved over time to incorporate new technology and we renamed them the Originals, but our iconic Chelsea boot design is still going strong with more than 25 million pairs of Originals Series sold across the world. Boots made for walking as well as to to work hard, play hard, and stand up to tough conditions.

Like all Blundstone boots, the Originals #500 Chelsea boot was built from the ground up. It was immediately popular with its rugged, all-rounder charm, appealing to farmers, builders and workers, on their feet all day. As the decades rolled by, the all-day comfort, easy on/easy off design and timelessness of the boot have seen the Originals’ audience grow to adventurers, creatives and functional fashion wearers globally.

While the Originals remain a cornerstone of the Blundstone range, they always look to improve and innovate their footwear and understand customers’ needs. That’s why the Classics were made, taking the Originals’ blueprint and adding a little luxury. More room for a slightly wider fit and a more rugged sole profile for even more durability.

Blundstone Originals vs Classics

Let’s walk through the differences between Blundstone Originals and Classics:

• Originals Series has a firmer fit with a slightly narrower girth while the Classics are a little wider with more toe height.

• Originals have greater breathability as they are unlined. Classics offer a little more luxury with a part leather, part synthetic lining. The leather lining brings added structure and warmth, while the synthetic lining aids breathability to keep your feet feeling fresh.

• There’s a difference in the removable footbeds too. Originals come with basic XRD® Technology cushioning while the Classics’ footbed provides added moulded cushioning packed with XRD® Extreme Impact Protection to absorb impact within the heel strike area. Added to this the Classics also come with an extra set of footbeds for a truly custom fit.

• All Blundstone boots are designed to be tough, with reinforced double-stitching found on the Classics’ heel adding extra strength. The Classics, made for adventure, with a heel panel that balances comfort with durability for a more robust Chelsea boot.

• The durable TPU outsoles have different tread patterns. Both series provide enhanced traction and slip resistance to keep you steady on your feet all day long. Originals have a slimmer sole profile, while the Classics’ chunkier sole profile has deeper contours for a firmer grip on challenging terrain.

• The difference in price between the #500 women’s and men’s and the #585 women’s and men’s is pretty slim. The #585 costs slightly more than the #500 because there are more materials and processes involved in their production.

Both the Originals and Classics have the iconic Chelsea boot style that Blundstone is renowned for. The pull tags make them easy to pull on and off, while the elasticated side panel holds the foot in place but allows for natural movement. The durable TPU outsoles provide cushioning for all-day comfort. Now that you know the differences between the Originals #500 and Classics #585 you can feel confident in your choice.

Originals and Classic series at a glance

Upper Leather Stout Brown Rustic Brown
Leather Thickness 2.5mm 1.8mm
Fit Firmer Fit (Narrower Girth) Roomier Girth and Toe Height
Lining Unlined 0.8mm Leather
Removable Footbed Type Basic Cushioning Footbed Moulded Cushioning Footbed Plus XRD® Technology
Extra Set of Footbeds Yes
Water-Resistant Leather Yes Yes
Toe Height Standard Increased Space

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