Shoe Size Guide

The Chelsea Boot Store shoe Size Guide shoe Conversion chart is only an aid to assist you with your footwear, sock and belt sizing. We have tried to be as specific about sizing in each product description. Each brand does vary slightly to fit and size.

Size Conversion Chart - Size Guides

Blundstone Shoe Size Conversion


UK Women

2 3
2.5 3.5
3 4
3.5 4.5
4 5
4.5 5.5
5 6
5.5 6.5
6 7
6.5 7.5
7 8
7.5 8.5
8 9
8.5 9.5
9 10
9.5 10.5
10 11








Sock Sizing and Fit

Our Sock sizes are in UK shoe sizes. For international sizing, take a look at the chart above.

Belt Sizing

The measurement of our belts is taken from the middle hole of the belt from the tip end, to where the leather holds at the buckle. We recommend you choose a belt based 2″ longer than your waist size. Please see below an example of our belt sizes based on a 32″ belt.

Belt Size Guide Information

For more helpful tips on shoe fitting and all kinds of other stuff, please take a look at our blog pages.