Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting Guide

Shoe fitting is very important to the health of your feet and how you feel while wearing your shoes. A good comfortable shoe is a treat to wear, it can be the difference between a good day at work, the races or occasion and a nightmare on a night out, but have a comfortable pair of shoes and not only do you look good but feel good as well. How many pairs of shoes do you have that you have worn once, they were painful to wear and you leave them alone next time you go out, possibly even buying a new pair to avoid them.

So when you are next buying a new pair of shoes it’s important to get the fitting absolutely right. The fit of your shoes is not only vital to your comfort but the health of your feet also. Shoes that are too small can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable problems.

Trying on Shoes

Firstly when you have chosen your shoes, it is important they must be comfortable, this sounds straightforward but people tend to stick with the same size shoes, even if they don’t fit properly, just because they are a certain size. Sometimes it is worth going up or down half a size for that added comfort and better fit. When trying your shoes on, they should ideally have 1/2 an inch between your toes and the tip of the shoes, this will allow for any swell of your feet and also different types of sock you may wear.

Sizes are different between Men’s shoes and Women’s shoes as well as various brands and shoemakers, again this sounds odd because you would believe that there is a standard size, but they do vary. If they are UK, US or European sizes, they also differ, as there is no definite crossover between sizes.

Wide Fitting & Larger Shoes

Most high street shops and online retailers have a standard width for men’s shoes, you usually have to go to a shoemaker or bespoke shoe fitter for a lot of width choice. Some medical conditions can affect the size of feet, with swollen feet and ankles, these will alter the fit and fitting of your shoes as well. Any problems that affect feet or ankles by being stiff or swollen cab be aided with specially designed shoes. Adjustable shoes that loosely cover the foot and easily taken on and off will help the situation. A more formal shoe might be more difficult to fit but there are shoemakers and brands that offer these.

Minor Adjustments to shoe fit

The main of good quality leather shoes can be slightly altered by up to half a size, should for whatever reason one shoe rub a little or becomes loose over time, there are small things that can be done. Insoles are a good addition, these vary in materials and uses, from wool lined and cork to Poron and Gel inserts. These can help if your shoes are a little on the large size or have become stretched. There are shoe stretchers available and also adjustable shoe trees that will work.

Online Buying

Buying your shoes online can take the hassle out of traipsing around shops all day. You get to try the shoes on in the comfort of your own home. There are a few things you can do to make sure you get the right size, even if you can’t try them on. Always check the brand fitting guidelines, sizes differ between each. Always check the websites size guide for fitting advice.

For More Information On Shoe Fitting, take a look at The Society of Shoe Fitters website. And for more information on foot care, take a look at our guide.

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