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What Is A Boot Jack

 What Is A Boot Jack

What is a boot jack or boot pull as it is sometimes known? A handy tool to help remove boots and shoes easily and quickly and is less likely to damage your footwear or get you covered in mud. Often made of wood or plastic, with a U-shaped end that your boot heel grips into. Once your heel is in place, use your other foot to hold the other end of the jack, pull your foot out of your boot, and then repeat with the other foot. Basically, a U-shaped mouth at one end and a flat area at the other.

To use, put your jack in front of you with the U-shaped raised end facing away from you. Once in position, place one booted foot about halfway up the flat end of the boot jack, making sure to leave the U-shape completely visible, then, place the heel of your other boot into the U-shaped end. Now you simply pull your leg up and out of the boot in the u-shaped holder. Simply repeat the process with the other boot/foot.

Benefits of a Pull

There are many advantages of using a Boot Jack. Mainly, not getting covered in mud when removing boots or Wellingtons after muddy walks. If you suffer from a bad back or similar problems, you don’t have to bend down, making it easier and more comfortable taking your boots off.

A boot jack also helps prevent damage to the heel and rear of your shoes or boots, scratching them or cutting them on doorsteps or when removing them with the toe of the opposite boot. Meaning, your boots will look and keep better for longer.

Boot jacks look fairly similar but do come in various materials and designs. The most common are made from wood or plastic, but metal ones are also available. Many boot jacks take the form of an antler or various other animals, even being made of used horseshoes.

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