Blundstone Boots Guide

Blundstone Boots Guide

Blundstone Boots Guide

Our Blundstone men’s boots guide gives you a comprehensive look at the whole Blundstone men’s and women’s collection. With boots from all the series including the classic, summer, dress and comfort as well as the Safety series. Since 1902 when Blundstone was first started in Hobart, Tasmania, it has produced boots of high quality. Tough wearing but extremely comfortable the Blundstone brand goes from strength to strength with stars such as David Beckham and Brad Pitt wearing the fantastic boots. Being a well-recognised name, Blundstone became the official naming rights sponsor of the Blundstone Arena. It is home to the Tasmanian Tigers and Hobart Hurricanes cricket teams as well as the Clarence Football Club and North Melbourne Football Club (Aussie Rules). Although this is a predominately men’s boots guide, there are women’s boots on as well.

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Blundstone 500 Classic Series

One of the best selling Blundstone boots, the 500 design is made from quality premium leather. A classic pull-on Chelsea boot with elastic side panels to make this effortless. These lightweight boots have PU/TPU rubber outsole with removable insoles. Available in a Stout Brown leather.

Blundstone 500 Classic Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 510 Classic Series

The Blundstone 510 is a versatile must-have addition to your wardrobe. Made from premium leather with tough-wearing rubber soles. A comfortable, lightweight boot designed and made for people on the move. The footbeds are removable and washable. The soles are resistant to most fats, oils and acid making them a perfect work boot as well. Available in Black leather.

Blundstone 510 Classic Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1462 Classic Series

The fantastic Blundstone 1462 boots with slightly distressed Indigo Suede uppers which are water-resistant to help keep your feet dry. The anatomically shaped footbed is comfortable as well as removable, enabling you to wash them. The TPU rubber soles add to the comfort and provide long-lasting wear. A practical boot that can be worn for many occasions. Available in Indigo Blue Rub Suede Leather.

Blundstone 1462 Classic Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1458 Classic Series

The Blundstone 1458 boots, crafted from a quality Suede leather that has been treated with a water-repellent, protecting the boots as well as your feet from the weather. The soles are constructed from a polyurethane rubber ensuring your feet are comfortable all day. A detailed stitch around the heel of the boots adds to the subtle style whilst the footbeds are removable for washing. Available in Brown Suede leather.

Blundstone 1458 Classic Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1454 Classic Series

Blundstone 1454 Brown lace-up leather boots are something a bit different from Blundstone in as much as these boots have laces, not usual for Blundstone boots. A casual boot made from a course looking leather with strong laces and metal riveted eyelets. Your comfort is assured with soft antibacterial footbeds to assist in keeping your feet fresh. A polyurethane outsole comfort that has Blundstone’s Shock Protection System provides shock absorption and durability. Available in Brown leather.

Blundstone 1454 Classic Lace Up BootsBlundstone 1451 Classic Series

The super-comfortable Blundstone 1451 lace-up boots are made from a premium Black leather with a rubber outsole and a strong lace-up fastening. A finger loop pull tab at the rear helps with the simple pull-on of these boots and the cushioned footbeds let your feet feel comfortable and fresh. A casual, stylish boot that will look good with a variety of outfits. Available in Black leather.

Blundstone 1451 Classic Lace Up Boots

Blundstone 1450 Classic Series

The Blundstone 1450 lace-up boots, crafted from quality leather with a rubber sole that has the Blundstone Shock Protection System fitted, keeping you comfortable every step of the way. A lace-up design with riveted eyelets and strong laces for a secure and comfortable fastening. A contrasting stitch detail around the boots adds to the stylish design. Available in Brown leather.

Blundstone 1450 Classic Lace Up Boots

Blundstone 585 Comfort Series

The 585 Men’s Blundstone boots are the first in the comfort series collection. A tough round toe Chelsea style boot design made from quality leather. The cushioned footbeds are antibacterial as well as antifungal, keeping your feet fresh. The 585 boots have Blundstone’s XRD technology with Poron fitted in the heel strike zone to absorb shock. The outsole provides grip in all weather. A lightweight boot with contrasting elastic side panels coupled with rear pull tabs for an easy pull-on. Available in Brown leather.

Blundstone 585 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 587 Comfort Series

Blundstone 587 men’s Chelsea boots are a straightforward no-nonsense boot. With a strong, durable, grooved outsole that has the shock protection system with poron fitted in the heel. A perfect boot for walking or working on all terrains keeping your feet comfortable and secure while you do it. Made from premium black leather, a boot that is comfortable through the day as well as at night to almost any occasion. The footbeds are removable, cushioned and washable. Available in Black leather.

Blundstone 587 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1464 Classic Series

Blundstone 1464 men’s boots, textured nubuck leather boots, treated with a water-repellent finish keeping your feet dry in wet conditions. A comfortable boot with shock protection in the heel for shock absorption, stability and also durability. Made in a Grey pebble premium leather with finger loop pull tabs and elastic side panels for easy on and off.

Blundstone 1464 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1445 Comfort Series

Blundstone’s 1445 leather men’s boots, crafted in premium leather are perfect for both smart and casual occasions. The durable, hard-wearing leather upper, coupled with a rubber sole and heel that has a shock protection system. The soles are resistant to heat, oil, acid, and organic fat. A soft leather lining and removable footbeds allow your feet to feel fresh. the footbeds are antibacterial, antifungal and washable. Available in Grizzly Brown leather.

Blundstone 1445 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1440 Comfort Series

The men’s Blundstone 1440 boots are next on our Blundstone boots guide. Part of the Comfort Series, the 1440 boots has a round toe, contrasting stitching and Black elastic side panels. With deeper sole units coupled with shock-absorbing technology that helps to absorb the impact of walking across different terrains and surfaces. The footbeds provide the usual antibacterial as well as washable comfort for your feet. Available in Redwood leather.

Blundstone 1440 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 584 Comfort Series

Blundstone 584 men’s Chelsea boots are thermal boots made from premium leather, perfect for the colder months. A water-resistant finish is paired with waterproof latex seams and thread to keep your feet dry. Your feet are comfortable all day as well due to the Thinsulate insulation and sheepskin footbeds for added warmth. The durable rubber outsoles with shock-absorbing properties provide excellent grip on wet and uneven surfaces. Available in Brown leather.

Blundstone 584 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1471 Comfort Series

The new Blundstone 1471 Chelsea boots are a slightly different take on the traditional men’s Blundstone boots. Made with soft Rustic Brown leather uppers, the 1471 boots have a detailed brogue punching across the toe and also around the heel. The usual deep sole that comes on the comfort series with the added comfort of the XRD™ Technology that absorbs shocks and gives stability. A contrasting darker side panel along with a pair of finger loop pulls finish these fantastic boots. Available in Rustic Brown leather.

Blundstone 1471 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 550 Comfort Series

Blundstone 550 men’s Chelsea boots, a versatile pair of boots made from soft premium leather with a leather and synthetic lining. A classic design with elastic gussets as well as pull tabs for an easy on and off. A comfortable boot with rubber soles and cushioned footbeds keeping your feet fresh. The rubber soles offer traction on uneven surfaces. With contrastive stitch detail around the panels, ankle as well as the heels. Available in Walnut Brown leather.

Blundstone 550 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1472 Comfort Series

Another favourite of ours in our Blundstone boots guide. The 1472 brogue detail boots offer a distinguished and sophisticated look. A classic design with a round toe made with soft leather uppers. The shock protection system with the cushioned footbeds offers all the comfort you need for daily wear. Beautiful brogue detailing adds to the style whilst the pull tabs and elastic panels offer practicality with an easy pull on and off. Available in Rustic Black leather.

Blundstone 1472 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1434 Comfort Series

Blundstone 1434 men’s Classic boots are made from premium leather. A slightly different look to this design of boot with a gum sole. A round toe boot, 1434 is a lightweight and tough wearing boot. The soles paired with the Poron comfort footbeds provide all-day comfort and also allow your feet to feel fresh. An easy boot to get on and off due to the signature pull tabs and elastic sides. With shock-absorbing protection and grip from the outsoles. A contrasting Black stitch detail. Available in Navajo Brown leather.
Blundstone 1434 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1316 Comfort Series

The Blundstone 1316 Chelsea boots, a colourful twist on a classic Chelsea boot, the Blundstone 1316 is a stylish boot with a subtle splash of colour. With red elastic side panels, Red stitching and Red soles, 1316 will add a dash of colour to your wardrobe. Still with the comfortable footbeds that are cushioned and also antifungal, so your feet are kept cool. With the shock-absorbing XRD Technology in the heel which offers stability and gives grip in the wet. Available in Heritage Black.

Blundstone 1316 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1403 Comfort Series

Blundstone 1403 Comfort Chelsea boots are another colourful addition to the comfort series. With a modern twist of Blue elastic gussets, Blue stitching and also Blue soles. The classic Blundstone boot design with a leather lining and rubber soles, which provide stability and traction on different surfaces. These tough boots have a cushioned footbed with Poron for added comfort. The footbeds can also be removed, are washable as well as antibacterial and antifungal. Available in Heritage Black.

Blundstone 1403 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1452 Comfort Series

Blundstone 1452 comfort Chelsea boots are another stylish boot with a colourful appearance. Made with premium leather, 1452 boots have Grey elastic panels with Grey stitch detail as well as Grey soles. A stylish and fashionable twist to the classic Blundstone Chelsea boot design. A lightweight boot designed with comfort as the priority, the cushioned footbeds with Poron are removable, enabling them to be washed. With signature pull tabs coupled with the elastic sides, there is an easy pull on and off. Available in Heritage Black.

Blundstone 1452 Comfort Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 800 Comfort Series

The limited-edition Blundstone 800 Ducati boots, constructed with signature scrambler Yellow trim. With contrasting Green elastic side panels, these lightweight boots have an extra durable, slip-resistant sole. Part of the Comfort Series, the men’s Blundstone 800 Ducati Chelsea Boot is unisex and is available in premium Voltan Black leather with a leather and synthetic lining. The pull tabs have Scrambler embroidered into them for a subtle stylish touch. A lightweight and comfortable boot with removable, antibacterial, washable footbeds.

Blundstone 800 Ducati Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1302 Dress Series

A classic Chelsea boot design, 1302 boots are crafted in a rich Burgundy leather. With a chisel toe detail, contrastive Black elastic panels and rubber soles. The signature pull tabs ensure an easy on and off. The footbeds are removable and also washable. A lovely boot for a more dressed up casual occasion.

Blundstone 1302 Dress Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 062 Dress Series

The 062 Chelsea boots from the dress series is a versatile boot perfect for work and leisure. Made from a dark Stout Brown leather with a chisel toe. These stylish boots with their squared-off toe have the shock protection system in the heel, absorbing any terrain you can throw at it. These tough boots have a subtle yellow stitch detail around the side panels and also across the heel. Your feet are comfortable due to the cushioned footbeds that have antibacterial properties as well as being washable.

Blundstone 062 Dress Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 063 Dress Series

The 063 boots, designed in a classic Chelsea boot shape, constructed in a premium full-grain leather, these boots are tough, hardwearing but also stylish. A sleek look with Black elastic panels and Black stitching. Comfort is a given due to the shock protection system in the heel and the cushioned footbeds as well as antifungal and antibacterial. A brilliant addition to your wardrobe for a casual look slightly more formal occasion.

Blundstone 063 Dress Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1306 Dress Series

The Blundstone 1306 dress boots, made from soft premium leather with a slightly rustic finish. A boot that can be worn all day due to the ultra-comfortable cushioned footbeds and outsoles that have a shock protection system in the heel. Delicate stitching with signature pull tabs adds to the sophisticated style of these boots. With a chisel toe for a sleeker look that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.

Blundstone 1306 Dress Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1308 Dress Series

Another boot from the dress series in our men’s Blundstone boots guide, the 1308 men’s Chelsea boots are made from premium leather. A casual boot that provides comfort and style. The Poron XRD Technology offers cushioned comfort with every step. A PU/TPU sole offers grip on wet and also uneven surfaces. A water-resistant boot due to the way the uppers are fused to the soles. A sleek Black Chelsea boots with elasticated gussets and pull tabs. Available in Rustic Black leather.

Blundstone 1308 Dress Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1424 Summer Series

The lightweight Blundstone 1424 Canvas Chelsea boots are the ideal wardrobe addition for the Summer months. These colourful boots are made using a Red canvas that is lightweight and durable. With a flexible EVA sole that has rubber inserts to provide slip resistance on wet surfaces. As with most men’s Blundstone boots the footbeds are removable to be washed. The footbeds are also antibacterial as well as antifungal, keeping your feet fresh throughout the day.

Blundstone 1424 Summer Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1422 Summer Series

Blundstone 1422 Canvas Chelsea boots are the same as the 1424 boots above, but with colourful Blue canvas uppers. A lightweight casual boot ideal for the Spring and Summer months.

Blundstone 1422 Summer Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1426 Summer Series

Blundstone 1426 Khaki canvas boots offer you style as well as comfort. Made with light canvas uppers with a flexible EVA sole. Traditional elastic side panels and pull tabs design with contrastive stitch detail. Your feet stay fresh with the antibacterial footbeds. A cool looking boot.

Blundstone 1426 Summer Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1420 Summer Series

Blundstone 1420 canvas Chelsea boot is the perfect everyday Summer boot. A lightweight boot made with canvas uppers with an EVA sole. Designed and made with contrastive elastic side panels and stitching. A comfortable boot with removable and washable footbeds. Available in Black Canvas.

Blundstone 1420 Summer Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1428 Summer Series

Blundstone 1428 lightweight leather boot is a must addition to any wardrobe. Made in a light black leather with EVA soles that have rubber inserts for traction. A stylish Chelsea boot looks with elastic side panels and signature pull tabs. The Poron comfort footbeds offer the all-day comfort you need. The footbeds are removable so they can be washed, they are also antibacterial and antifungal to keep your feet fresh throughout the day. With contrasting stitching around the boots. Available in Black leather.

Blundstone 1428 Summer Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1429 Summer Series

A lighter leather Summer boot in a Chelsea style. An ideal casual boot made from a rustic Brown leather with EVA and rubber soles. A slightly different take on the canvas boots but with all the comfort and lightweight features.

Blundstone 1429 Summer Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 192 Safety Series

The Blundstone 192 safety boots protect and support your feet throughout your working day. These tough boots are constructed from a Stout Brown leather with kick guard leather protection and steel toe cap that are both certified to EU safety standards. A safety boot with a Thermo urethane outsole that is heat resistant up to 140°F and PU resistant to hydroysis and microbial attacks. A steel shank provides support for your feet and the engineered toe spring decreases fatigue on your feet and legs. Being resistant to Oil, Acid and Organic fat makes these safety boots suitable for a number of workplaces.

You are comfortable all day long as well due to the Xtreme comfort EVA footbeds and  XRD™ Technology in the heel and front of the soles. An easy to pull on work boot with elastic gussets and finger loop pull tabs. Available in Brown Leather.

Blundstone 192 Safety Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 910 Safety Series

The super-strong 910 Safety boots ensure your feet stay protected in the workplace. Made from a water-resistant, premium Black leather with a steel toe cap both quality and safety are at the core of this boot. Anti-static and highly resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attack as well as being resistant to acid, organic fat and oil. A safety boot that will protect your feet from all manner of workplace hazards. The steel toe and TPU toe guard will prevent damage from falling objects, compression or other threats on your feet.

The hardwearing rubber outsole has been designed with slip resistance in mind, keeping you and your feet stable. The XRD™ Technology in both the heel and forepart of the outsole provides shock absorption on uneven surfaces. The removable PU footbed provides arch support as well as being anti-bacterial and washable, keeping your feet fresh throughout the day. The 910 boots have a CES3 safety rating. Available in Black leather.

Blundstone 910 Safety Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1481 Summer Series

A practical and refined boot in water-repellent suede. The 1481 has a cushioned insole over a flexible and lightweight EVA outsole that has great tread and traction. A removable and washable anti-bacterial footbed ensures optimum freshness ideal for warmer days.

Blundstone 1481 Series Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1671 Women’s Heel Chelsea Boots

The 1671 Women’s Chelsea boots have been made with a stylish heel and are sculpted for a woman’s foot, without compromising on durability, comfort and integrity. Finished in a quality rustic Black leather, the 1671 boots are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Blundstone 1671 Women's Boots in Black

Blundstone 1615 Classic Series

The Blundstone 1615 Chelsea boots, a waxed suede finish boot in a Dark Olive leather. The 1615 is an unassuming but sophisticated twist on the Original 500 Series boot. With a Water-repellent upper and strong rubber soles. The Dark Olive Suede boot is a modern twist on a timeless design.

Blundstone 1615 Classic Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1441 Women’s Boots

The 1441 Chelsea boots are the first Blundstone boot to be designed specifically for ladies. The Blundstone 1441 reflects the classic Chelsea boot style, with a touch of elegance. With Navy leather uppers that feature a punch-hole design around the elasticated panels. The ankle is slightly higher and narrower than the other Blundstone styles. With a synthetic outsole and a heel of 2.5 centimetres, these boots give you a boost without compromising on comfort. Their simple, slip-on design makes them a practical as well as stylish boot.

Blundstone Womens 1441 Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1612 Classic Series

The Blundstone 1612 classic series Chelsea boots, made from premium leather and updated by Blundstone in earthy Rustic Brown with camo print elastic side panels. The outsoles deliver performance and stability as well as traction, while the contoured, removable insoles add extra protection and comfort for everyday wear. A comfortable boot with a different styling twist.

Blundstone 1612 Classic Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 562 Comfort Series

The Blundstone 562 Chelsea boots, another boot in the comfort series, the 562 is made in a Crazy Horse Brown leather. The contrast of sandy brown leather upper with deeper, earthy brown elasticised gussets. Classic Blundstone pull-tags and durable rubber soles, as well as rounded toe, are all signature elements. The usual comfort contoured cushioned insoles are removable and replaceable.

Blundstone 562 Comfort Series Boots

Blundstone 1443 Women’s Chelsea Boots

The Blundstone 1443 burgundy leather boots have been designed for women with a twist on the traditional. With perforations around the elastic side panels as well as slightly higher ankle for a unique and delicate touch. Comprised of premium leather uppers, these boots have PU outsoles to provide unrivalled comfort. The 1443 feature Thermo urethane outsoles to resist hydrolysis and microbial attack.

Blundstone 1443 Womens Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 399 Ducati Boots

The limited-edition comfort Series men’s Blundstone 399 Ducati Chelsea boot. With rich, premium leather Stout Brown uppers and vibrant orange elastic side panels. With all the usual Blundstone features and comfort.

Blundstone 399 Ducati Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1365 Classic Series Boots

The 1365, made with a distinctively, rich burgundy leather. With a lacing system that allows for a comfortable, adjustable fit. The addition of the elastic panels enhances the overall flexibility of the boots. A smart boot with the comfort, and dependability of the classic outsole unit. These boots will be a constant companion on all sorts of journeys and a fantastic addition to any shoe collection line-up.

Blundstone 1365 Womens Chelsea Boots

Blundstone 1673 Women’s Chelsea Boots

A new take on the original Blundstone boot, the 1673 women’s boots in a new Antique Taupe leather. The new stylish heeled and tapered women’s boots are proving that style doesn’t compromise substance. The durable, Poron XRD™ Technology in the 1673 boots provides shock absorption in the heel and forefoot ensure the signature timeless Blundstone quality is in every element of the design.

Blundstone 1673 Women's Boots in Brown

Blundstone 1609 Comfort Series

The Blundstone 1609 is a classic Chelsea boot from the comfort series. Made in a timeless antique brown leather and contoured to fit snugly and securely to your foot. The deeper sole units coupled with XRD™ Technology provide exemplary cushioning and optimal shock absorption. The iconic round toe design with coordinating elasticated panels complete the Blundstone look.

Blundstone 1609 Comfort Chelsea Boots

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