David Beckham Chelsea Boots

Beckham In Blundstone

David Beckham Chelsea Boots
David Beckham Chelsea Boots

Beckham in Blundstone Boots

David Beckham Blundstone Chelsea Boots. Wearing his Blundstone 1306 Chelsea Boots. Click here to view

Blundstone 1306 Chelsea Boots, as modelled by Mr Beckham! You get quality and style from these brilliant dress boots. With Blundstone’s hard wearing quality leather uppers and linings. The elasticated gussets on each side of the opening coupled with front and rear finger loops provide an easy pull on. The 1306 Boots have the Blundstone SP (shock protection) system in the heel strike zone, which gives exceptional shock absorption. All Blundstone boots have fully removable, washable and breathable comfort footbeds fitted. Comprised of rustic brown leather uppers, the Blundstone 1306 chisel toe dress boot is perfect for all-day wear. These versatile boots can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. The hard-wearing outsoles provide extra cushioning for your feet and enhance comfort, whilst the removable footbeds add extra support.

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