Go-To Men's Winter Footwear

5 Go-To Winter Men’s Shoe Styles

5 Go-To Winter Men’s Shoe Styles

In our 5 go-to men’s Winter footwear styles, we look at what to wear in the colder months. The transition from the hot to cold season brings us some unpleasant changes like long nights and cold weather. However, whether it is autumn or winter, there are some aspects that will unveil compensative features for any kind of tough condition. One of these is, you get an option to treat yourself with fashionable seasonally-appropriate footwear. As always you will find numerous options to choose from, but here we’ve sorted out the best five for you.


Hiking Boots

First up in our 5 go-to men’s Winter footwear guide, hiking boots. Styling with something new and fashionable like a hiking boot would be an excellent choice. These boots are designed to protect your feet and ankle from pain while you are climbing a mountain or having an adventure. Recently it has become a substitute for training shoes. Because of its woolen built material, these pairs will give you the utmost pleasure when you need to walk long distances. But before you move on, keep it in mind that skinny jeans are not a good match with it.


Patchwork Sneakers

This footwear is designed exclusively for timber yards, hiking trails, and the trenches of war. Therefore, you can be confident that it’ll provide you with enough support in a frosty circumstance and keep you in style as well. In winter, it is worth keeping as these pairs as it’s more fashionable and eye-catching. Patchwork sneakers have some desired attributes like sturdiness, comfortable and weatherproofing and it’s appropriate for troopers, mountaineers, riders & blue-collar staffs.


Work Boots

The most prominent work boots are the solid ground Yellow Boot and the Red Wing’s classic moc toe. These boots have remained unchanged for many years. You can try them with different casual outfits from joggers to jeans, teamster jackets to parkas. The thing which makes it unique is that numerous vogue tribes have adopted them. Hip-hop artists, lumbersexuals, and workwear enthusiasts, everyone likes to have a pair of them.


Combat-Style Boots

The on-going trend of combat trousers suggests you should have a pair of these boots. If you want to go outside resembling a look from “Call of Duty”, these boots will give you that appearance. If you look at Ryan Gosling’s footwear in Blade Runner 2049, you will find it very appealing. You can also have a look at designer Charlie Caseley-Hayford, who wears his trademark high boots with a classic trend. Streetwear fans try them with jeans and a bomber jacket.


Ankle Boots

Most ankle boots are marvelous to match with a roll neck, sportscoat, and wool trousers. You can also try it with chinos and a neckline pullover. It is an excellent pair for winter dress code quandaries. Take this vogue as play or desert boots, particularly as a better alternative to trainers. You can also try them with button-down shirts and neckline jumpers to have an appearance that will let you pass the pub-safe check without any hassle.

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