Choosing Autumn/Winter Boots Guide

Choosing Autumn/Winter Footwear

Choosing Autumn/Winter Footwear

Choosing your Autumn/Winter women’s footwear is very important. Here is an essential guide to get through from November to February. As winter approaches, snow-proof, warmed and well-insulated boots are a must-have. If you are waiting for the latest deal to complete your winter women’s footwear buy or if you are trying to find out if comfy old boots can still do the trick this season, read on to find out the answers to your questions that will solve your cold season dilemma.

If you want the right pair of footwear for hiking or ultimate traction to stand on black ice on the morning commute, Autumn/winter women’s footwear will protect your feet from winter storms and icy puddles.

There are a few factors to consider when looking for the warmest winter footwear. Before you go shopping, here are some things to keep in mind.

The height of the footwear

If you are the type that treks or you have plans of trekking through the snow, you should go for the taller footwear that will protect and keep your calves warm.

Gusseted tongue

A gusseted tongue keeps out the entire element and makes your feet dry and pleasant. By gusseted, we mean that the tongue is attached to the side of the footwear. By this, no rain or snow can sneak inside the shoe.

The material

Your footwear specifies the ‘upper’ and the ‘sole’. The upper is the part that covers the top of the foot and the ankle. Look for water-resistant options such as leather and nylon that come with pre-treated waterproofing. The sole of the footwear should be dry and also provide good traction. The sole with crevices and dumps offers a much better grip on wet snow and slick ice.

Inner fabrics

For inner fabrics, insulation is the key to keeping warm. Wool has inherent temperature-regulating properties good for keeping you warm but not sweaty. Thinsulate is a better option for a wet climate. It is a synthetic material that gives warmth without weight.

We all need a pair that we can tuck our jeans in or maybe wear with a skirt or dress. When you are buying winter footwear, keep in mind that there should be enough space around your calve that will allow your jeans to fit in also consider the above tips when looking for the warmest Autumn/Winter women’s footwear.

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