Essential Must Have Women's Shoes

Essential Must-Have Women’s Shoes

Essential Must-Have Women’s Shoes

Our essential women’s shoes guide. You only need a few pairs of shoes, but you don’t want to admit it. You probably already only wear around four or five pairs, but you keep them all ‘just in case’

Minimalize your wardrobe space, or however, you store your hundreds of pairs of shoes, by just having these four essential pairs of women’s shoes that fit in with every season, and style.

Essential Women’s Shoes NO.1 – A Pair of Heels

  • Keep it plain with this one, that way the shoes will most likely match any outfit you wear. Stay away from bold patterns, unless you’re ready to only wear them once or twice.
  • opt for a nude or black heel in order to always have that go-to pair.
  • Invest in a pair you like to walk in, there’s nothing worse than a pair of heels that kill your feet. Also, buy a high-quality pair so they last longer too.

Essential Must Have Women's Heels

Essential NO.2 – White Trainers

  • Always have a pair of white trainers because they go with any casual outfit, even summer dresses! Turn any outfit into a comfortable casual day look with a pair of good white trainers.
  • You can go for a sleeker style, or a chunky shoe depending on your personal style.
  • Trainers are easy to wear with jeans, gym gear, leggings.
  • You don’t really need to think too much about these shoes, you know they’ll always be there, and you know they’ll go with any casual day outfit.
  • Once again, if you’re keeping your wardrobe minimal, you can afford to buy a better quality pair, to ensure they last longer.


Essential Must Have Women's Trainers

Essential NO.3 – A Pair of Boots

  • Boots are great for the winter, they go with dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers. Anything. Depending on the boot of course. You have the classic Dr Martens or a Chelsea boot that are a good choice.
  • Go for a darker tone in order to match them with most outfits.
  • Buy a pair of boots with a good sole, and good material. They will most likely be enduring the bad side of the weather, so they need to be reliable.

Essential Must Have Women's Boots

Essential NO.4 – Sandals

  • This post wouldn’t be complete without sandals!
  • Of course, you need a pair of plain sandals for the summertime, you don’t want your feet getting hot and sweaty in a pair of boots…
  • Go for a pair of strappy or slip-on sandals that are again, comfortable, and durable!
  • You can buy sandals with a sturdier sole, or a thin sole. Remember to think about how long they will last so you don’t have to keep replacing them!
  • Take a look at our Lunar sandals.

Essential Must-Have Women’s Sandals

To Conclude; To minimize your wardrobe, think about what shoes you wear the most, and send the rest to charity or sell them online so they get reused. There is no need for lots of pairs unless you are going to wear them!

Take a look at our Choosing Autumn/Winter footwear article for more ideas.


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