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Festival season is coming up and it’s time to overthink your wardrobe. Depending on the weather, or the country, festival footwear can be a little bit of a brain ache.

Festivals in the UK are known for rain, mud and all-around mess. So, think logically, and spend wisely.

If the festival is abroad, think about comfort, you don’t want your feet to get too hot, and your shoes probably will find a way to get dirty.

When it comes to what you should put on your feet for festivals, there are a few things to remember.

  • Whatever you wear, will get dirty.
  • Think comfort and style.
  • How much are you willing to spend on shoes that will potentially be ruined (although you will have a good time and look good whilst doing so).

Here are the top shoe options when it comes to festival footwear.

Wellingtons aka ‘Wellies’

Wellies are the official go-to shoe for festivals, especially if you’re going to a muddy one. You can buy wellingtons within a range of £5 – (I guess) £5,000… Not that I’m sure anyone would spend that much on wellies.

Wellies are perfect festival footwear, for anyone, they’re unisex, they come in pretty much any colour, pattern or shape you desire.

You can spend as much money as you want on a pair, if you don’t really care about premium, then buy from Primark because they cost you next to nothing, or, for a bit of style, you could buy yourself a pair of Hunters and matching socks that will certainly impress the crowd (and last you a lot longer). Take a look at our Evercreatures Wellingon’s Guide for more ideas.


Dr Martens – Shoes – Sandals – Boots

Durable, check, fashionable, check, not too expensive but a good investment, check…

You can buy these in a range of styles, from boots and shoes to sandals. These shoes provide the ultimate comfort, and style, for a reasonable-ish price. Dr Martens aren’t for everyone, they stand out, and they’re a bit chunky.
There are, however, styles to suit different needs.

Just browse their website and see what you think!


When I say trainers, I mean those old ones at the back of your wardrobe. You know the ones that are very well experienced, already covered in mud and whatever else.

I say this because no one is really going to care about your shoes and if they are ruined because festival-goers are all in the same boat.

So, get out the tatty trainers you have had for years, you know they’ll be comfortable, and it doesn’t matter if they get even worse.

In Conclusion

If you want to think logically and less fashionably, a pair of cheaper wellies and your old trainers (give them a little clean) will do the trick at a festival!

You can always dress them up and buy yourself some colourful clothes and some sparkly accessories.

But if you wanted to go all out, then get yourself some fancy wellies (view our Wellington Guide now) and a pair of Dr Martens to fulfil the need of style, comfort and be a festival fashion icon.

Take a look at our Wellington’s – Need To Know guide for more ideas.

With thanks to Charlotte Dawson for this post

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