Men's Summer Shoes Guide

Men’s Summer Shoes

Men’s Summer Shoes Guide


Loafers, inspired by the shoes of Norwegian fishermen, a staple in our men’s Summer shoe guide. The loafer first became popular back in 1936 and has since become a wardrobe essential. The loafer is the ideal footwear for relaxed, summer workwear. Wear sockless with chinos, suit trousers and also shorts.


Slip On Shoes


The trainer, the go-to footwear for the summer months. The trainer is the perfect footwear for the unpredictable British weather and goes with anything. Wear with shorts jeans and even suits.



In 1972 Adidas introduced the Adilette in response to the German football team’s need for a shoe for the showers and changing room. Pair with loose, relaxed trousers and wear sockless, unless you’re feeling really daring, in which case pair with ribbed, white socks.

Flip Flops

Originally dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, our modern flip-flops, a rubber version of the Japanese sandal, the zori. Growing in popularity in America after World War II, flip flops, so-called because of the sound they make when they slap the floor, came to epitomise beach style. No longer reserved for holidays, these days they’re just as at home in the pub as well as by the pool.

Orca Bay Belize Men's Sandals Brown


Espadrilles are one of the most instantly recognisable members of the footwear family due to their rope sole. They date back to the 13th century, originally made in the Occitania and Catalonia regions of France and Spain, with the name deriving from ‘esparto’, the plant originally used to braid the soles. In some ways they’re the perfect solution to summertime footwear, cool and light while also smart. Equally good teamed with tailored shorts as with jeans.

Men's Espadrilles


The moccasin may be the comfiest summer shoe you’ll ever own, as well as the most sophisticated. While they originated from the tribes of North America and were originally made from various hides, today, they’ve become the go-to occasion shoe. The ideal shoes for work and summer occasions when paired with slim-fit chinos or light-coloured suits. Alternatively, use them to make a statement by choosing a colour-popping pair worn with jeans turned up.


Men's Summer Shoes


Boat Shoes/ Deck Shoes

If there’s one shoe that gets us in the summer spirit, it’s the boat shoe, and for this, we have one man to thank. In 1935, Paul Sperry invented a shoe with a moccasin upper and a slip-resistant rubber sole inspired by his dog’s paws to stop himself from slipping on the boat deck. These days, boat shoes are associated with style and elegance.

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Chatham Deck G2 Mens Shoes Brown


Sandals have something of a long history, with the oldest pair ever found thought to be 10,000 years old. They’ve had their fair share of bad press, but they’ve become cool once again. Channel geek chic and pair with socks, go for utility and team with cargo trousers or keep it classic with dark, tailored trousers and a tee, sleeves rolled up.

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