Why Choose Chatham Shoes

Why Choose Chatham Shoes

Why Choose Chatham Shoes

Why Chatham is The Comfortable Choice For Country Pursuits

We’re proud to stock Chatham Shoes here at The Chelsea Boot Store, so why choose Chatham shoes. A British company famous for their focus on heritage and history. We share that same passion being surrounded by history here in Stratford Upon Avon, home to Shakespeare and some fantastic museums and other attractions.

But it’s not just our love of heritage that we have in common with Chatham Shoes, we also share the same passion for comfort, quality, and trustworthy footwear you can depend on. That’s why we believe you’ll find Chatham Shoes the comfortable choice for your chosen country pursuits.

Chatham’s deck shoes are perfect for boating and sailing

It’s difficult to think of a more popular British pastime that has been around for centuries than boating. Mentioned by Oscar Wilde and the feature of Jerome K Jerome’s “Three Men in a boat” novel of 1889. It’s a hobby that shows little sign of slowing down in terms of popularity.

To get the most out of your boating trip through the Great British countryside, you need a pair of Chatham’s deck shoes. These shoes are carefully made using both traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology in Britain using only the best materials, premium leather, and memory foam.

The siped soles ensure that your Chatham deck shoes have the traction you need on a slippery deck to enjoy your boating trip, regardless of our ever-changing British weather!

Casual trainers are perfect for those laidback lazy days

Whether it’s going for a country walk, exploring local attractions or simply having a BBQ with friends when the summer weather allows, Chatham’s Casual Trainers are quite simply, the perfect all-rounder you’ve been looking for.

More lightweight than a walking boot but with a good level of durability. The Diego casual trainers have the sole spring poron performance cushioning you’ll need when out and about. Crafted from premium leather, they effortlessly achieve the smart/casual look you’re striving for.

These simple slip-on loafers are so easy and comfortable to wear, you’ll find them a firm favourite throughout the year.

Keep your feet dry during those muddy festivals

We have a fair few music festivals here in the UK to suit all tastes. From Glastonbury to Download, to Reading and Leeds, and many more in-between! What all of these festivals have in common, is being outside in our Great British weather and often that means rain. Rain, grass, and thousands of people stood together means mud and lots of it!

While Wellingtons are a popular choice for keeping your feet warm and dry, they’re not always appropriate when the weather can change from wet and muddy one day to a mini-heatwave the next! Chatham’s Grampian Boots are, however, the ideal alternative.

The Grampian boots by Chatham are tough and durable. Designed for whatever the great outdoors can throw at you (and anything is possible at a music festival!) The rubber sole unit offers stability and traction in those slippery and uneven fields you’ll be traversing while the Poron sole spring insoles provide the much-needed cushioning you’re looking for when spending the entire day on your feet.

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